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Friday, June 3, 2016

A Mother's Heart

Maybe it was easier,
When a hug would fix it all.
When the biggest hurts were
A bump, bruise, or fall.
I remember cuddling.
I remember kissing your nose.
But, I knew even back then,
How quickly time goes.
I knew to memorize your laugh,
And hold you while I could.
The years have passed swiftly -
I always knew they would.
Things are so different
Than they used to be.
You are still my whole world,
But you need less and less of me.
Hands that once reached,
Up for me to hold you,
Are now so capable,
And have other things to do!
A mother's heart is amazing;
The things it can endure!
It's a love ever-expanding,
Perfect, consistent, and pure.
There is no end to it,
There is no measure.
There is no storm,
It cannot weather.
And, you will run from it
Like your mother before.
You'll need to break free,
And search for more.
I won't follow after.
I know the freedom you chase.
My heart will be here,
In this most familiar place.
And, whenever you need it,
(Trust me, Baby, you will)
I'll be right here waiting,
And loving you still.