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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My favorite ''job''

Friday, July 2, 2010

Write your Love Story!

Last night I made love to my husband.  Too much information, you say?  Seriously?  You didn't know we did that??  (May I direct you to the daughter we had a year and a half ago?)  Anyway, not that I am trying to give you too much information here, but I'm not just talking about your everyday, run-of-the-mill, "roll in the hay."  I mean, I truly made LOVE to him.  Yes, for any of you guys that are reading this, I'm getting in to the emotional aspect of things, of course.  You gals... well, you know what I am talking about!

I read a story yesterday a woman wrote about falling in love with her now husband.  I could not stop reading it!!  I neglected almost all my wifely/motherly duties yesterday in order to finish reading her blog about the courtship between her and her hubby.  I couldn't stop reading it because it reminded me so much of my own story about my own husband.  While I read her words, I relived our story in my mind - and in my heart.  For the whole day I had all these emotions flooding back to me that reminded  me exactly what it was that made me fall in love with my husband.

I love him more now than I did before we married.  I truly do.  We have been through so much together in our short 3+ years since our wedding.  And, although there have been times when it seemed that life was trying to rip us apart, we came through it closer than before.  (Although, sadly, that is not always the case with couples.)  However, somewhere along the way, that deep fiery passion that I felt when we were dating has been extinguished some due to all the stress of everyday life.  Laying down every night, enveloped in his arms is just the norm now.  It is not some new, exhilarating feeling.  It is warm, familiar and comforting.

But, in his arms is where I fell in love!  I fell in love with the warm, strong, gentle, protective, comforted feeling I got when his big, muscular arms were around me.  I fell in love with the fact that I knew he could literally squeeze the life out of me if he wanted to, but he was so tender and gentle when I was in his arms.  Gently caressing my back or twirling my hair.  I remember the exact moment that I thought, "I could stay here forever."  And, I remember 100 emotions hurling at me as I realized the fear of that thought was not quite as big as the fear of NOT staying there forever.  How could I have ever gotten complacent about those arms around me??  I love them more now than I did then.  I have watched them comfort my first two children, discipline them, and wrestle and tickle them.  I watched them hold our tiny newborn daughter more timidly and delicately than those arms had ever done anything.  I've watched them build fence, fix little girl hair, work cows, change light bulbs, chop wood and tuck in my children at night.  How could I curl up in them every night and take for granted the deep, immense emotion that those beautiful, strong arms are capable of evoking in me???

It's just life!  We just get so tired.  We get complacent and we take for granted the most important things to us.  After reading the story yesterday I remembered not only my deep love for my husband, but I remember the unadulterated passion I have for him.  I entertained the thought of how fragile life is and how very easily my life could have ended up so different from how it is now.  I thought of how very easily he could have never been a part of my life at all.  But, God, in all his intricate, delicate planning, put my beloved in my life - just for me!  He spent years molding and forming us so that we would fit so very perfectly together.  How incredulous it is that I would take that for granted!

I think maybe, just maybe, if we all wrote our love stories out;  if we sat for a day or so, recalling all the beautiful, passionate moments that culminated the love we now have, then just maybe we wouldn't take so much for granted and maybe the odds of making it for the long haul would be better than they are!  Maybe if we re-read our love stories from time to time it would give us back the passion and urgency that brought us together in the first place - the fiery passion that the mundane and the trials of life seem to drown out over time.  Maybe, more often, we would truly make LOVE to one another and not go looking elsewhere for things we really already have.  Just maybe...