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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Prince Charming Can go Kick Rocks

In my past, I have had some romances. I have been swept off my feet, I have been wined and dined, and known boys who would do just about anything to get my attention. I've had a couple of really big romantic gestures in my lifetime. Like most American girls, I was spoon fed the Cinderella story from birth. In my mind, love looked like a romantic chick flick. Then, I grew up and got married. The thing is, life is nothing like a movie. There haven't been a lot of movies made that cover all the content in the "after" part of happily ever after.
Tonight I had to go out of town for a training. It was a couple of hours away. At straight up 6:00 I got a text from my husband asking me if I was out of the training. Not the creepy "I'm trying to keep track of you" text because that's just not how he is, but just the checking up on me kind of text. He worries about me when I'm driving home alone at night that far from home. (Part of that may have to do with my not so stellar driving record.)
I'm sure when I saw my husband's name at the top of the text, I got the silly grin that I get whenever I hear from him, but I didn't see anything especially romantic about that. However, as I was thinking on my drive home, I realized that his text was actually incredibly romantic. It was proof of how much I'm on his mind. Not overly romantic trying to blow me over type of proof, but a sincere, real life statement about where I rank in his life. At exactly 6 o'clock he was thinking about me, knowing that I was going to be out of my training at that time.
On really cold days, or when the weather is bad, he always checks up on me to make sure that I made it into work ok. If it is particularly icy he follows me all the way to work to make sure that I get there.  He kisses me goodbye and hello no matter who is around - even when he's coaching football! I'm still not sure what on earth I did to deserve the kind of love that I have in my marriage, but I'm thankful. Travis is not very good at big surprises and definitely not a great date planner. I certainly don't expect to get jewelry on holidays or anniversaries. But, as I've grown up, and out of the Cinderella mindset, I've come to realize that it is not like in the movies; it's the real gestures that matter. It's knowing that my husband loves me enough to have genuine concern for me.  It's knowing he WANTS me at home with him and I know will walk into my house and it will be nice and tidy and clean. Never having to wonder where I rank in my husband's heart means more to me than any jewelry, dozen roses, elaborate date night, or overly dramatic show of emotion.
I love that man with all of my heart, and I can't imagine that I would have ever been this happy with a Prince Charming. I'm pretty sure Prince Charming would have been way too prissy for me, anyway.