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Monday, September 1, 2014

My son, the writer.

I can't pretend it doesn't make my pride swell a little when I read his stuff. The reason he hates math is because he's a writer. When you passionately love words, numbers seem pretty dumb. He's 10 - here is the beginning of a school writing assignment that he's already gone long on and says he's not even close to finished with. (I can relate!)

"Hello, this is Peyton and I'm here to tell about the time I went to America. One day I was in my bed fixing to get up when I hear a knock. Now, where I live if you get a knock it's rare, so I open the door and this tall skinny guy named James said hello and his name and said the king is issuing a warrant for your arrest. I was surprised about that. Then he said can you please turn around so I can put the rope on your hand. I told him no and he got mad, so after a quick lesson of me showing him how to punch somebody in the nose correctly he called Andrew, Jackson, and Frank. Andrew and Jackson tackled me to the ground. Frank got a chain and tied my hands behind my back and led me to a horse. James tied my legs to the horse with a rope and chain. Jackson got a little chain and tied 1 on to the horses halter and the other and to my cuffs. Andrew let the horse back to the jail house. My trial was a week later. I was arrested for not paying taxes because I lived almost 1 day and a half from the city. The judge said go to jail or go with Christopher Columbus west to India. So I didn't even think, I said Columbus. So, a guard took me out of the court to this woman named kristen who is 6 foot 2 inches, skinny, beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, and dark skin. But, the bad part is she is married to Frank. Now, Frank is 5 foot 4 inches, 236 pounds, black hair, mustache and beard, with green eyes. Kristen handed me three leather bags to put clothes in for Columbus' journey. A guard named Noah took me to my house to get my stuff...."

I may be biased but I think that's good stuff for 10 years old!